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Your Instagram Growth Questions, Answered

Every day my inbox is flooded with questions about Instagram growth. People want to know how to grow their business on Instagram. They want to know how to become more visible, so they have the opportunity for more sales. And they’re trying to figure out how to grow without spending much time or money doing it.

Chances are, you probably have these same types of questions. And you’ve probably even spent some time on blogs, forums, and around the web, trying to get answers. The problem is, you keep getting conflicting answers, right?

For example, just pop onto any Instagram forum and ask this question: How to grow on Instagram.

I guarantee that you’ll get conflicting advice. Some people will tell you to grow your page organically with your content. Another group will advocate that you pay for ads in order to grow. And just to make it extra confusing, you might even get a few people telling you to do follow for follow strategies and join engagement pods.

So you’re left to sort through the wheat and the chaff.

If you’re new to that particular community, it’s even harder because you don’t know who to trust. Because the truth is, there are plenty of wannabe Instagram gurus who want you to think they know what they’re talking about – but they’re just as clueless as everyone else. And in some cases, these types of people are offering downright dangerous advice.

That’s why I compiled this list of frequently asked questions.

I wanted to make sure you got the right advice from someone who’s successfully navigated the world of Instagram growth. Read on…

Q. What is the best way to attract followers?

A. Understand your audience, optimize your bio, create relatable and valuable content for your audience, and strategically engage to become visible in your niche.

Q. Ads are expensive. Is there a cheaper way to get the same results?

A. Yes, grow organically. There is a hand-off though, and that is time. If you are not paying with money, you are paying with time.

Q. What’s the fastest way to grow on Instagram?

A. Set up your content pillars, strategies for engagement, be consistent, and be patient.

Q. Every time I try to set up an engagement strategy, I end up being consistent for a few days and then I get too busy and stop. How can I avoid this in the future?

A. Stop taking on too much! Decide to engage for an hour, be very consistent to engage with the same accounts each day in 15-minute increments 4 times a day.

Q. I’ve been trying to grow my following for a long time, but I’m not seeing good results. What am I doing wrong?

A. Re-evaluate who you are speaking to and whether you are relating to them.

Q. If you went back in time and were going to grow your page on Instagram for the first time ever, what would you do differently this time?

A. I would be very specific on who I served and how from the beginning. I would create content specifically for them and engage strategically within my niche industry.

Q. I don’t have a whole lot of time to engage on Instagram to grow, because I have work, family, and social responsibilities. What do you suggest I do?

A. Set aside one hour to engage strategically, do this hour of engagement in 15-minute increments throughout the day in pockets of time while waiting for the kids at the pick-up line, waiting for the water to boil for dinner, and other small periods of time where you find yourself waiting.

In conclusion…

At last, you finally know the TRUTH about Instagram growth, engagement, and becoming visible to your ideal audience. And that means that you can now create content and engage more confidently because you’re armed with the knowledge you need to succeed. See you at the top!

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