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Why Paradigm Shifts Are the Secret to a More Fulfilling Life and Business

You may have heard the term “paradigm shifts” in the digital age we are in.

First of all, what does paradigm even mean?

Paradigm definition: a model or pattern for something that may be copied

From the time you were born, you’ve been conditioned by the habits of those around you.

If your mom and dad hate green beans, for example, you most likely also hate green beans. From what you love and hate, your political views, and your religion to your daily habits, you have accumulated these paradigms throughout your life based on the people around you.

If you have acquired positive and fruitful paradigms, you are more likely to succeed in your life and career.

However, if you have acquired negative or faulty paradigms, you will likely see the same terrible results you have always seen throughout your life.

All hope is not lost!! You can make deliberate paradigm shifts in your life and career to improve your situation, make yourself happier, and lead a more fulfilling life.

Definition of a paradigm shift: an important change that happens when a new and different way replaces the usual way of thinking about or doing something

I grew up very poor. As a young child (under the age of 3), I did not have a bedroom. My parents would live in an apartment until they were evicted for not paying the rent, and then we would move to another apartment.

I do not remember sleeping in our van, but my parents have told me that this happened on several occasions when we had nowhere else to go.

When we did get more settled, we lived in a trailer park in Quantico, Virginia. Food was scarce, we did not have a telephone in the home because it was too expensive, and if something like the lawnmower or washing machine broke, we did these things by hand.

I’ll never forget the blisters I had from cutting the tall grass with scissors with my mom behind the trailer adjoining the neighbor’s fence.

At a young age, I vowed to change.

I vowed never to be hurt for money the way my parents had.

I vowed to do what it took to succeed; my parents had not finished high school. I was determined to go to college.

I studied hard in school, and although learning did not come easy for me since I did not have a lot of the resources many others had, I stayed persistent and dedicated.

Leaving Virginia and moving to Atlanta, Georgia at 20 for a job opportunity meant leaving everything I had ever known. Being an only child, my parents were everything to me. Leaving them felt impossible, but I had to stay focused on the changes I wanted to make in my life.

My paradigm shift.

Your paradigm is not set in stone; it is not a concrete way of life that you cannot change. Heck no!! You are more than capable of shifting the way you think, your lifestyle, the opportunities you get, and the relationships you attract.

If you sit still for a moment and look around, are you truly happy with your life and how things are going?

  • Are you satisfied with your job/career? Does it fulfill you?

  • Are you satisfied with the people who surround you and how they treat you?

  • Are you satisfied with the amount of money you earn?

If not, what limiting beliefs do you need to overcome to make a paradigm shift?

Are you not satisfied with how your account is growing on Instagram? This could mean you have limiting beliefs holding you back.

Overcoming this and creating your own paradigm shift could drastically increase your growth and confidence on the platform. And these changes could be as simple as:

  • Changing the communities you engage with on the platform

  • Shifting what you have learned that is not working to what does work

  • Creating more than consuming

  • Focusing on building 5-10 strong relationships with peers for mental support

  • Hiring a coach or mentor for mindset and strategy shifts

YOU are in control of your destiny! I want you to remember that this week as you are doing what you normally do and making decisions.

Is what you are doing caused by a paradigm? If so, is it a healthy one for you? Is it bringing you the results in life you want?

If not, understand that you are capable of making paradigm shifts. Rethink your capabilities and actions. Change your habits and focus on what you want to come into your life.

If you are looking for a mentor/coach to help you make paradigm shifts for your business's success on Instagram, click here!

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