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What the Algorithm Wants

Instagram’s algorithm is a program built to assist users of the platform to see content they are most interested in. There are over a billion users on Instagram every day; imagine if there was no algorithm to sort through all those posts for each of us.

Instagram’s Bio says: “Bringing you closer to the people and things you love”.

If the algorithm did not exist, we would get on the platform and randomly see content as it was posted. We would see everything from coupon sales to puppies randomly popping up on our Home Screen, whether we were interested in that type of content or not.

Instagram and, in turn, the algorithm wants us to be on the platform as much as possible. The more we are on it, the more popular they are and that is the whole goal of social media platforms.

The algorithm was created to categorize content and show us content and people we are most interested in.

To keep the algorithm happy and gain visibility, we essentially need to make more friends. This is the same concept as networking in the business industry. The more friends you make in specific communities, the more you engage on the content you want to see more of and the more people engage with you; the algorithm will show your content to more people like them.

Each account that follows us is a person —a person who followed us for a specific reason; to get something out of us. When we nurture that relationship by giving them what they want, they keep coming back to see us.

The more relationships you create, the better.

Think of Instagram as one big networking party, where we are all dressed in our best business outfit walking about mingling and learning from each other.

We are creating relationships with people who will help us further our careers. We are networking with peers, schmoozing potential clients, and working to impress the people we want to follow us (or be our friends).

If you stood in the corner at this party and said nothing -if you just expected people to come to you - how successful would you be at furthering your career?

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