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The Top 10 Ways to More Reach with Reels

So you’ve been trying to get more reach with your reels for a while now.

You see others do it. And it seems like everyone makes it look so easy.

But for some reason, success keeps eluding you. Every time you post a reel, you are hearing and seeing crickets.

Not this time.

Because this time you’re going to be armed with the same tips, tricks, and secrets that the people who are successful with reels know. So give these tips a try and see if they don’t work for you too…

Tip 1: Never copy what other people are doing.

WARNING: When you see a reel doing well and do the exact same reels video hoping for the same result, people will compare your video to the others doing the same thing. As a beginner, you may not be as experienced and therefore your video will not be quite as good. INSTEAD: Use the trending audio and do your own video, your way!

Tip 2: Avoid recording your reel when you are not feeling it. Your energy will come through on your video, pump yourself up before recording your reels with a walk, a talk with a funny friend who cheers you up and makes you laugh, or watch some funny videos to get you “in the mood”

Tip 3: Be sure to start your reels video with a hook! You have a fraction of a second to capture attention before people will continue scrolling through the reels channel. Use a dramatic hook statement on your reel to encourage people to watch it.

Bonus Tip: Action helps with capturing attention. Walk towards the camera, use edits to “move-in” towards the camera, or use a quick transition of movement.

Tip 4: Don’t post a reel without captions! Many viewers will watch your video without the sound on because they are with their families or in public places.

Tip 5: Do use either the caption sticker or type your own captions for your reels and use the timer feature in Instagram reels to have that text pop up when you are speaking.

PRO TIP: If you are captioning your own reels instead of using the caption sticker, type your captions out faster in an app you can use on your desktop and phone to easily copy/paste (I use Trello for this).

Tip 6: Allow yourself to not be perfect! Overly edited or perfected reels videos actually perform worse than videos that are more “on the fly”. People want to see the reel you!

Tip 7: Keep your audience interested in your reels with transitions, scene changes, and movement.

Tip 8: Create relevant content. Use your existing content buckets as your subject material for reels. You want to grab the right attention from people who see your reels.

NOTE: If you are having problems with what your content buckets are, reach out to me.

Tip 9: Use Instagram’s features as often as possible! Instagram rewards reels videos created within the app with more reach.

Tip 10: Always end your reel with a call to action (CTA)! Invite your audience to take action with you!

Not everyone is going to read your caption, if you want them to read it, invite them to “Read the caption” at the end of your video. Remember to keep your CTA quick to read!

In sum: Getting more reach with reels is actually fairly simple when you apply the above 10 tips. So let me leave you with one last tip…

Take action right now, even if you don’t feel ready; start creating reels on Instagram!

So get to it – you’re going to be glad you did!

Looking for more tips on how to dominate Instagram reels?

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