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The Best Kept Secret to Getting Seen on Instagram

Most people spend their time on Instagram browsing through posts and double-tapping to get that little red heart indicating that they’ve liked what they’ve seen. However, if you are running a business on Instagram, there is a secret power for visibility in your comments.

Giving valuable, authoritative, and authentic comments on peer accounts and accounts with much larger audiences than yours can get you noticed and define you as an authority in your niche.

Strategic commenting has become a more robust strategy since July 2020, when Instagram released pinned comments. Pinned comments are Instagram’s answer to giving the creator of the post more control over their comments thread.

With pinned comments, the post’s creator can choose three comments to pin to the top of the comments thread for everyone to see. The purpose of this feature is to give the post’s creator more control over negative comments, bullying, and misinformation.

Post creators can also use this feature to showcase FAQs, testimonials, and comments that add value to their message.

Understanding pinned comments and their purpose allows you to strategically post comments that will get pinned, push your comment to the top of the comments thread, and give you more visibility in your niche community.

So how do you get your comments pinned? By asking a relevant question to the post (FAQ), providing value by furthering the post’s creator’s message and by genuinely engaging. You can use humor; you can even disagree tactfully with the creator and give your detailed explanation.

The essential information you need to know is, you need to understand the post thoroughly if you want to have your comment pinned. Read the post in its entirety and leave a genuine comment.

Comments like “I agree” or “Love this” will not get pinned. Thought out and thorough comments will catch the attention of the post’s creator, and if it is valuable to them, they may pin it.

Writing posts take a lot of time! However, providing an intentional comment on a post seen by a much larger audience takes merely minutes with the strategies in my ebook. Grab it today and start commenting for Followers, Authority and Respect!

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