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How To Know If Your Audience Is Bored With Your Content On Instagram

Are you ever in a conversation with someone face to face and you see their eyes glaze over or they start focusing on other things rather than paying attention to what you are saying? This is when you are fully aware that they are distracted or not interested in the conversation!

However, in the online space, you do not see those physical cues that indicate you are losing the attention of your audience. Instead, you have to pick up on their silence or what they are saying as your indicators that you are losing their attention.

Why? Well, because you want to spot a bored audience before they unfollow you! If you can pick up on the signals of boredom, you can correct what you are posting and change your strategy to increase the chances of your audience sticking around!

There are a few reasons an audience may become bored with your content; posting the same content over and over again, never engaging with your audience, and sounding like a robot without emotions or thoughts are very common ways to bore them. It can be difficult to keep surprising your social media audience when you post content every day.

Other things to consider are to make sure you are posting when your audience is most active and posting content that relates and resonates with our audience. If they do not see your content they will not have a reason to make a purchase decision.

Your engagement rate will tell you whether you are reaching your audience at the right times and with the right messages. The more your audience engages with your content, the greater the chance that it will appear in the feeds of more people.

Review your insights for both the times that your audience is most active as well as checking your post content insights to see what types of content is getting more saves, shares, and post interactions.

It is always smart to repurpose the types of content your audience is appreciating more!

Engaging with your followers is a powerful way to increase your brands awareness and improve your results. Engaging with your peers and industry leaders gives your account more visibility on the platform as well.

Another impactful way to get your audience re-engaged with your profile is to show up in stories. This can be done a few ways; firstly, actually visually showing up on camera will do wonders in building trust and re-engaging your audience in your content. Secondly, making your stories more engaging and interactive with poll, quiz, and slider stickers will re-engage an audience who may have lost their way.

I mentioned that the lack of emotion could be boring your audience, there are many ways to inject emotion in your content to connect with people. When you understand your audiences pain points, you can relate to them on their feelings of frustration or resentment. Humor is another great emotion to use to re-engage your audience with your content.

Try these tips and follow me on Instagram for daily tips to grow your audience and small business on Instagram. Drop me a DM and say hello! I love meeting new people!

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