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How to Find Your Target Audience on Instagram

Many gurus will tell you to engage in the niche communities where your target or ideal audience is hanging out. However, they will not tell you how to find the niche communities or ideal audience.

Today, I will change that and tell you how you can find your niche communities and attract your ideal audience to come to check out your Account.

Remember when you were a kid, and your mom told you to choose your friends wisely? The same goes for Instagram. The communities you associate yourself with and become friends with are what the algorithms will categorize you as.

The best way to do this is to search the hashtags that you are using on your posts.

As an example:

Suppose you sell anti-aging skincare and want to be associated with those niche communities on Instagram. In that case, you should search the hashtags you should also be using, in this example, #antiagingskincare.

Notice you have viewing options at the top of "Top," "Recent," and "Reels."

Use the posts in the "Top" section to find larger niche accounts in your industry to add to your list of accounts to engage with daily. I suggest clicking on a few to determine which accounts you can see yourself engaging with often. Because you want to leave valuable and meaningful comments on their posts, you will do a better job at this and be more consistent with it if you look forward to seeing their content daily!

Their audience is your ideal audience.

Then, Turn on Post Notifications for 5-10 larger accounts in your niche.

To do this:

  1. Follow the Account you want to engage with consistently

  2. Tap the Bell

  3. Turn on the radio button for Post Notifications

Engage with those accounts daily, preferably very soon after they post on their feed. The sooner you post a comment, the more of their audience will see you in their comments.

PRO TIP: Leave valuable comments to further the creator's message to get your comment pinned so everyone in their audience will see your comment at the top of the comments thread.

Next, start engaging with other people who are also engaging consistently with that larger Account.

  1. Respond to their comments on the larger accounts post.

  2. Go to their page and comment on their post(s).

  3. If you like their content, follow them and engage consistently with them.

Yes, even if they are a smaller account! This means they are a peer account to you. By engaging with industry leaders and peer accounts, you will be categorized as being in the same niche.

The followers of these accounts will also notice you; they will continually see you providing valuable comments and will become curious to come to see your Account for what you are posting; this will help you build new relationships with your ideal audience.

As you consistently engage with these industry leader accounts and peer accounts, you should also start looking for people who may Follow them or Like their posts. Go to their accounts and engage with their content, again --to create curiosity for them to come back and see your Account.

Before implementing this strategy, you should make sure that your bio is optimized, meaning it tells people what you do and how you do it to serve them.

You should also have content related to your profile on your feed delivering the promise in your bio. I suggest that you should at least make sure the last six posts have that type of content.

Not sure how to optimize your bio? Not sure what type of content I mean? Or do you want more engagement tips for growth? Follow me on Instagram @gingerstarrborden, and you can also join my course located on this website in the upper right corner.

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