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Don't Delete on Social MediaWhen you Mess up, use it!

One thing I have learned that has consistently shown up in both my career and entrepreneurial journey; people LOVE to see you mess up!

It's true! You will do one hundred

things right, but people will point it out when you mess one thing up.

When I worked for corporate, I had to write emails about our computer and phone systems.

I would inform the company of six hundred plus employees about software viruses', upgrades, downtime, information, and all information related to the Information Technology department.

I loved it, and I hated it all simultaneously; I loved the feeling of being trusted to do the honor of this task. I hated messing up in front of everyone!

A misspelled word or name meant a hundred to two hundred emails coming back to me from employees pointing out my mista

ke. Not to mention the people who would pass me in the hallway for the next week mentioning it.

I had to laugh it off; my mistakes had to be a lesson for the next email. I had to admit my fault and move on.

What I have learned with social media, mistakes are the same. Once you have hit that post button, it is out there. Someone has seen it before you can delete or edit your mistake.

This is one reason why deleting or editing a post is not a good idea. Someone saw it; someone may have commented or liked it; removing it after the fact only tells them that you are trying to hide something. This creates distrust.

The other reason to never delete or edit a post; the algorithm. Once you have posted, it is in the algorithms data table, and it is already doing things that you will never see.

The algorithm starts your engagement rate calculation repeatedly, so if you have 2 or 10 likes on that post, they do not count to the algorithm. The weird thing is, you will still see those likes, but the algorithm does not count them.

Instead of deleting posts, write an apolo

gy (so to speak). Write a comment in your post in all caps if you need to let your audience know that you are aware of the misspelled word. Pin your comment to the top.

Write out the same apology in your stories.

Again, people love to see you mess up. If they see that you're admitting a goof in your story and not giving all the details, you better

believe they are coming to your post to see what that mistake is!

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