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Create an Engaged Community for Your Business on Instagram in 2022

Engagement is a type of currency on social. The better your online worth is, the more engagement your Instagram profile receives and the more Instagram followers you have.

Accounts will compete for better engagement in 2022 because the more people interact with content, the more likely it will be shown to other people. More clients mean (you guessed it) more eyes on your business.

Understanding the digital marketing landscape is the first step toward understanding what's out there and how consumers are connecting. Knowing the current social media landscape and trends might help you figure out how to expand your Instagram account.

Take a look at some recent social media and Instagram engagement numbers:

  • In 2021, more than half of the world's population will be under the age of 30.

  • Over 99 percent of adults aged 18 to 49 have an internet-connected cell phone.

  • In 2018, Instagram had the highest use and engagement, with 35% of the population using it.

  • Every month, the app has around 1 billion active users.

  • Eight out of ten Instagram users follow at least one business.

What Does the Term "Engagement" Mean for Your Business?

In 2022, marketing should be concentrated on the platforms with the highest levels of attention and interaction. Instagram is by far the most powerful player on the market today, and if you're not making use of it, you're slipping behind.

Of course, increasing Instagram engagement is a wide term that is difficult to achieve with a single technique. It requires utilizing all available tools and making the most of the platform as it develops.

With that in mind, here are 8 tried-and-true tactics to build your Instagram following and your business in 2022.

1) Choose the right account type for your business

You must switch to an Instagram business or creator account if you own a business or a personal brand. This provides you with much more control over your Instagram account, as well as Instagram analytics to help you fine-tune your strategy.

Having a business or creator account comes with some major benefits.

One advantage is the option to include a contact button to allow users to communicate more easily with you. Second, the ability to run advertisements. Ads result in more visits and conversions. Another benefit, though not guaranteed, is early beta testing for new features.

As part of converting to a business account, ensure sure you can be found and that all of your information is correct. The following are some of the most important elements to include in your Instagram bio and profile.

Contact information and address (this is important for Geotagging).

What you do in detail (your value proposition)

A compelling reason to keep in touch, whether it's an offer or a compelling cause to stay in touch

A means to contact you that isn't Instagram (usually your website)

Consider a Creator account if you have a business that does not need geotagging (not a local physical business where you want your local community to "walk in the door"). You cannot add your local address, but you will have many of the other benefits of a business account.

2) Use of hashtags

You've probably heard that hashtags are significant, but chances are you're not using them to their full potential. The Instagram algorithm is based on data, and the hashtag approach might help you expand your following.

It's possible you've heard that 3-5 or 9-15 hashtags are the optimal number. Or that using too many hashtags on Instagram might feel spammy. The idea is to choose a hashtag that is related to the Instagram content you're posting.

The truth is that if you aren't using as many hashtags as possible that are relevant to your target audience, you are missing out on an opportunity to increase interaction.

The general idea is to limit yourself to 30 hashtags. Any more than that, will result in your post not being posted.

On Instagram, a hashtag serves as a unique identifier for the algorithm. It offers context to your posts and aids the system in determining who should see them.

Take some time to consider the type of Instagram post you're going to share and who your target audience is.

Also, think about what hashtags are associated with your audience's interests and try to tailor your material accordingly. If your organization has enough brand recognition in your niche, a branded hashtag may also help.

This may appear to be a lot of work, but an hour spent developing a hashtag strategy for your content pillars might help you target your audience more effectively.

When it comes to Instagram hashtags, keep these things in mind:

  • Use as many hashtags as you can research and are relevant to your post – the more you use, the more engagement you'll get.

  • You can conceal them using some dots at the bottom of your caption to separate them if you don't want them visible.

  • Add them to the caption! (not the first comment)

  • Use hashtags that are relevant to your content and your followers, and do your homework first.

  • Use hashtags to find out what's most relevant and useful to that audience.

  • Make use of long-tail hashtags, which are less popular.

  • Remember that if you only target the most popular hashtags, you'll quickly become lost among the millions of other postings. Unless you're a big brand, you're unlikely to make the Top Posts.

  • Hashtags assist you in creating more engagement while also increasing your visibility and reach. Likes on Instagram are effectively a vote, indicating that the post struck a chord with the user in some way.

3) Use of geotagging

If you own a local business, make sure you're making use of Instagram's Geotagging features. Most brick-and-mortar businesses operate in a specific area; thus geotags are essential if you want to be found by new followers in that area.

Geotagging allows you to display your business address, category, hours of operation, website, and phone number to each Instagram user.

Photographs of the company and videos that other users have tagged in their images are also easily accessible.

Providing users with as much information as possible will improve the likelihood that they will want to visit you! It's an important aspect of any smart Instagram growth strategy, and it'll help you develop your Instagram followers.

Simply click Add Location when creating a post. After that, your post is searchable for that place. This is true for both Instagram stories and posts, making geotagging extremely useful in both cases.

4) Take Notes from Your Competitors

Do you have a peer on Instagram that appears to be doing everything right and gaining more attention? This is actually a good thing! This means you can learn from them!

Start by looking at what they're doing successfully and how you can replicate their techniques. You don't want to copy their approach to Instagram content or how they interact with their following, but you can learn from it.

Over time, you'll be able to develop Instagram engagement methods that distinguish you from your competitors. However, learning as much as you can from your competitors' best practices can pay off in the beginning.

Another tactic you can employ is to look at the accounts your competitors are following, liking, and commenting on. Influencer marketing is all about adapting to current trends using platforms like Instagram Reels, Instagram Live, and Instagram videos. All of the tools are essential components of a well-rounded Instagram growth strategy.

While you shouldn't spam these accounts in any way, you can show them your respect and admiration by liking and commenting on their posts.

Show your passion for your niche, show your personality, create curiosity by being nice and pleasant; you may get a new follower or even customer as a result.

5) "Like," "Comment," and "Reply"

The most straightforward strategy to increase brand engagement is to engage! This may sound self-evident, yet it's remarkable how rarely most people do it. A brand is a collective personality; it is the sum of your business' identities.

When responding, don't be afraid to act human. Users are drawn to brands that show a more honest, more true aspect of themselves. They aren't just a business out to make a profit; they are genuine individuals living in the real world.

Take the time to like other people's posts, return the favor and reciprocate engagement, and leave a remark. If you receive a comment on one of your posts, answer promptly and humanely. Use genuine language and emojis, meaning, respond how you talk. Be kind and grateful for the opportunities that come your way.

Be engaging if you want to increase engagement. It's a basic recipe, but it's quite effective.

I have a free ebook with more details on making your comments count to get pinned on larger accounts in your niche, click here for access to this valuable resource!

6) Using Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories (also known as Insta Stories by users) have become an important element of the platform's evolution. They've taken over the market after starting off as a clone of Snapchat stories.

In 2021, over 400 million Instagram stories are posted per day, with over 2 million brands using the platform. The advantage of Instagram Stories is instantly apparent: they appear at the top of the app's main screen and are surrounded by a colored ring that surrounds the Instagram profile photo. They grab the interest of the majority of users right away and just take a few seconds to watch.

Instagram Stories, more than posts, have the potential to immediately generate interest and engagement. They have an immediacy about them that fosters interaction because they vanish after 24 hours. People are compelled to look for fear of missing out.

They're also a great method to demonstrate how your business operates behind the scenes. Throughout the day, you can share amusing, authentic experiences to help establish relatability with your audience.

7) Consistency

One of the most crucial aspects to remember is to remain consistent with your posting. According to multiple studies, posting on Instagram once or twice a day will help you grow. This is more effective than using an Instagram growth service or purchasing false followers (never a good idea!!).

When you post consistently, your audience knows that you're serious about delivering them with quality information on a regular basis. They grow accustomed to seeing you in their feed, and you establish yourself as the "go-to" content creator for the types of entertainment, products, and services you offer.

It takes time to build an engaged Instagram following, and you must be consistent and dedicated in your efforts.

8) The Influence of DMs

This final tip may still be Instagram's best-kept secret. True engagement on Instagram occurs when users DM (direct message) any other user. People read their direct messages. They observe them and remember the interaction even if they don't respond.

Direct Messages on Instagram can help you communicate with your customers in a more personalized way as a brand or business. On Instagram, private chats are considerably more likely to result in sales and brand trust.

Direct messaging can be used to respond to questions and to reward high levels of involvement. A simple, polite, and professional hello note to a fan might be a terrific approach to make a lasting impression.

PLEASE remember: don't use DMs to spam your followers. Avoid being intrusive or spammy.

A great method for starting a DM conversation is to respond to an Insta Story with a message that goes directly to the person's DM.

Any brand that responds and follows up via DM knows the importance of interaction.

In the year 2022, your Instagram profile will serve as a secondary website for your business. In some circumstances, it may be able to accomplish more than your website. It establishes brand trust, social proof, and genuine connection with peers, prospects, and customers. Instagram marketing will be the most important business tool in 2022, and the most forward-thinking companies will take full advantage of it.

Want more tips to grow an engaged community on Instagram in 2022? Follow me on Instagram by clicking here.

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