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Community First Approach to Marketing

Imagine enjoying the communication you get in your community, the overall helpful and supportive vibe of your community, and start making real friendships with people all over the world that you consider to be real friends as well as clients.

Community first marketing is an approach that will allow you to build a REAL community of people that can help you grow your business and influence. You will be able to connect with people on a whole new level, and make real friends that you actually enjoy talking to!

We are not robots; we want to connect with people. We want to work hard and get results. We want to do it in a fun way. When you focus on the community first approach, your engagement will increase, you will have more fun doing it, and you will make new friends while getting your business or personal brand seen.

The only way you can do this is by building a community first!

The Instagram algorithms have been designed to keep people on the platform; it is designed to look at people's actions on content and show them more content based on what they have shown interest in.

So then, why do we, as business owners and creators on the platform, concern ourselves with the middle man, the algorithm, rather than focusing directly on the community we want to build?

I encourage you to stop thinking about what the algorithm says you should do and start connecting with people in your community. I encourage you to start building relationships that lead to more conversions for your business, a community built on trust, and a friend group that is helpful and supportive of each other.

To do this, you need to focus on your relationships with people.

  • Have real conversations in the comments section of your posts and the posts of other creators

  • Have real conversations with people in DM's that lead to profitable relationships

  • Use your content to connect with people on a deeper level, so they feel more connected to you as a person, brand, and business.

The truth is that the algorithm won't change your business. The algorithm is a tool to help you reach more people and build a community around your content.

This is why I've chosen to focus on community over algorithm and why you should, too!

The algorithm is not the enemy. The algorithm can do many things; it will show your content to people, however, it is up to you to build a community from those interactions.

You control the relationships you build with people. You can control the community you build, including who is in it and the overall vibe of your community.

  • Imagine opening up Instagram to more engagement on your posts that you actually look forward to.

  • Imagine opening your DM's to more than just spam messages asking you to buy followers, join a shady ambassador program, or that creepy guy that randomly said "hi"

Imagine enjoying the communication you get in your niche, community, and marketing group. The overall helpful and supportive vibe of your community is contagious. You're inspired to do more, build more, and sell more; you're motivated to be a better version of yourself.

Sounds pretty amazing, right?

To get results like this, you need to deeply understand your ideal audience and how you are going to serve them.

Love the community you're building and deeply connect with customers and peers. The more you're able to communicate and the easier they are to communicate with, the faster your relationships and broader network will grow.

If you are not getting feedback and engagement on your Instagram, it's because your community is not yet ready or interested. You can change that IF YOU WANT.

Create income streams through a real Instagram following and by building a community of like-minded, goal-oriented individuals in niche-relevant online communities.

Click here to learn more about how to take your Instagram presence from crickets to conversations and succeed in your business.

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