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9 Undeniable Reasons People Hate Instagram

We love it, and yet we hate it, don’t we! Instagram allows for extraordinary opportunities. For businesses, Instagram is a tool that will enable us to reach and connect with thousands of people for free. We have the chance to learn, grow and develop skills in marketing, sales, and public relations.

Yet, the ‘rules are stringent. Instagram is technology, and as we know, technology is ever-changing in our fast-paced world.

Here are the main frustrations people have with Instagram:

  1. They keep making changes

  2. Hashtags… enough said

  3. No Insights on Reels

  4. No Groups to join like Facebook

  5. Confusing

  6. Saturated

  7. The Algorithm

  8. Posts last 24-48 hours

  9. No swipe up until 10k followers

Most of us came from Facebook, where we had groups of like-minded people to join forces with and hang out with virtually. Instagram seems like a lonely and foreign place to many when they begin their journey.

Add hashtags and the fact that there are BILLIONS people on the platform, making our visibility on the platform seem impossible. It can not only be intimidating but aggravating. Our posts only last 24-48 hours, so the time we spend creating a beautifully crafted post is gone before we are over how much detail we put into it. There there is the lingering algorithm lurking around behind our content and images that we post. What is it doing? What does it want? Why doesn't it like us?

However, we return. Why? Because we know that this platform is a fantastic opportunity. Instagram combines excellent features from all the other platforms into one. We are safe when we are in the arms of Instagram. They make sure we can do everything on their platform that we could do on others, but it is all in one location.

Did you know that IGTV is a replacement for YouTube? Reels are Instagram’s version of TikTok, and Live Rooms can take the place of a small Zoom Room. Between Highlights and Guides, we have a mini-website on Instagram.

Our desire to be on the platform is by design. Instagram has done a brilliant job keeping us on it by making it more convenient to stay on it.

Whether you love Instagram or hate it, it offers opportunities that no other platform has mimicked yet. With Facebook buying it, you know that it had to be a contender for them. Technology is change; every computer, software, and cell phone will have continued improvements, which means change.

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