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7 Instagram Growth Myths to Avoid in Your Small Business

If you have spent any time on Instagram, you have heard several experts and gurus talk about ways you can grow your audience on the platform.

Some are legitimate, others are complete fabrications of the truth, yet others are honest but mistaken ideas that may have worked in the past but do not work anymore.

For instance, the follow/unfollow technique was a method that worked -- back in 2016.

However, this technique of following people only to unfollow them when they do not follow you back is not a very... ethical way to build a community. Not only will this method NOT bring you great results, but it will also damage your reputation, and it does not encourage an engaged audience.

Other myths you need to stay away from for growth are:

  1. You will grow faster if you post multiple times a day

  2. You will get shadowbanned if you use the same hashtags

  3. Don't/Do use all 30 hashtags

  4. Instagram is too saturated

  5. You need 10k followers to monetize

  6. You cannot grow organically anymore

  7. You have to be really unique/talented/smart to grow

Growth on Instagram requires strategies.

Your growth is surprisingly easy when you have a strong strategy for your content, engagement, and hashtags.

I will not even begin to say that it is easy to start these strategies or get into the habits of performing them. However, once you understand what is working, everything becomes more manageable, fun, and productive.

Are you looking for a way to begin your growth on Instagram? Download the FREE worksheet below to start planning your content.

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